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2. NotesDB Database Configuration

*) Source Lotus Notes Database:

Here you can enter the Servername and the Path of the database.
You can also pick from a list of databases supplied in the dialog list.

You can enter any database_id you like, but make sure it is unique across all database configurations.

*) Target Lotus Connector Datasource

Pick the type of RDBMS you want to use.
ODBC (odbc2) allows you to use any ODBC-compliant database.

The RDBMS dialect will control the way the CREATE TABLE and INSERT-Statements are generated.

Datasource, username and password have to be supplied to connect to the database.

Enter the path where you want all the attachments to get written to.

*) HTTP-Configuration for Richtext-Items

Here you can enter the Http-Servername and the Notes version of the Domino Http Server.

Http-Authentication information can be entered to allow NotesDB to authenticate using Basic Authentication against the Http-Server.

Use the 'save and close' button to save the database configuration.

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