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Frequently asked questions about NotesDB

Does NotesDB require any installation or setup?
NotesDB is a Notes database itself, so all you need is a working Lotus Notes installation.

Which versions of Lotus Notes clients are supported?
NotesDB 4.0 supports the following client versions:

  • Lotus Notes Client 5.0.11 (limited support)
  • Lotus Notes Client 6.0 (limited support)
  • Lotus Notes Client 7.0 (limited support)
  • Lotus Notes Client 8.0
  • Lotus Notes Client 8.5

Limited support for older Lotus Notes clients:

If you need to use older versions of Lotus Notes Clients, we also support Lotes Notes Client prior to R8.0 with our old NotesDB 3.x branch (which is missing the latest features of NotesDB). Please send us an email if you like to use the older versions for details.

Which RDBMS versions have been tested using NotesDB?
NotesDB has been tested using
  • Microsoft Access 2003
  • MS SQL Server 2000
  • mySQL 4.0.15, 4.1.12, 5.0.11
  • PostGreSQL 8.x
  • Oracle 10i

How can I verify if NotesDB can export my databases?
First of all, you can download the sample database and the sample conversion results. If you are still in doubt, request an Evaluation copy.

Do I need an active JDBC connection or can I also generate SQL streams?
NotesDB allows you to generate SQL streams (INSERT-statements) to be executed in a database server later.
Of course it also allows you to export directly into a relational database using JDBC.

Does NotesDB require a Domino server or can it be run locally?
NotesDB can run on the local workstation as well as on the Domino server

Does NotesDB support export of Domino.doc databases?
Domino.doc database is actually a set of .nsf linking together. NotesDB just reads all of the documents inside a database, so it will simply pull of the data out of any Notes database you give it.

Does NotesDB support batch conversion of multiple databases at once?
NotesDB allows you to configure as many databases as you want. You can also run on multiple configurations, so you can run the export script on all databases you have configured - which can be 10 or 100, if you like.

Does NotesDB support the LN:DI document format?
NotesDB can extract all attachments and embedded objects in a document.

Does NotesDB support export of Unicode data (e.g. Cyrillic characters)?
NotesDB supports Unicode format both for direct SQL export and for SQL streams (SQL INSERT-statements). Starting with Lotus Notes R6, LotusScript supports writing files with any MIME character set. If the database driver used is not capable of Unicode characters, NotesDB allows you to export the INSERT-statements in many all MIME character sets Lotus Notes supports (e.g. UTF-8, UTF-16, ...). NotesDB has been successfully tested to support Cyrillic characters using UTF-8 SQL streams.

Does NotesDB support export of document properties?
NotesDB supports the export of the following document properties: created, encryptonsend, isdeleted, isprofile, isresponse, issigned, isvalid, lastaccessed, lastmodified, noteid, parentdocumentunid, signonsend, signer, size, profilekey, nameofprofile

Frequently asked questions about Support

Does the product have an English language version?
Yes, NotesDB ships in English language.

How quickly will I get the product?
After ordering please allow us for 1-2 business days for shipment. You will receive the product by email including a license key.

What's the best way to contact you?
Please contact us by email, you can find more info on our contact page.


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