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NotesDB is unlimited, fast and robust.
  • NotesDB has no size limits regarding the databases you want to export.
  • We offer the fastest speed possible during the export.
  • NotesDB provides robust error handling.

Database size

NotesDB has no limits regarding database size. So your database can have hundred-thousands of documents and gigabytes of data.

Automatic and optimized table creation

NotesDB will scan all your documents in the database and use this data to size the database tables. So your database tables will be created depending on the maximum size of data in the document fields. NotesDB allows to add a buffer percentage so your data will be able to grow further in the RDBMS.

Optional direct export to any JDBC-compliant database

NotesDB can use a JDBC driver to connect to the database and export the data directly. If you don't want a direct connection, you can also export to SQL scripts and import into your database manually.


NotesDB has runs in two cycles: The scan cycle calculates the maximum size of the data in your Notes database. The export data cycle exports the data. NotesDB reads each document only once during the export, so you enjoy the maximum speed that is possible with the Notes API.

Error handling

If there are any errors during the export, they will be logged separately. NotesDB records the error message as well as the exact code place where the error happened. You can use our support to analyze the error in more detail.

Automatic restart capability

NotesDB can resume automatically after a Notes crash. If your Notes client crashes during the export, NotesDB will be able to resume from the document which has been exported successfully.

Scheduling (Automation)

You can set scheduling intervals to run the export automatically hourly, daily or weekly.

Technical support

We offer highly qualified email support by our skilled technicians.

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