Export your IBM Lotus Notes databases to SQL databases easily

NotesDB will allow you to export all documents, attachments and embedded objects in a Notes database.

NotesDB makes exporting a Notes database to any RDBMS as easy as possible. All you have to select is the database server and the database path, the rest will be done by NotesDB.

NotesDB only requires a working installation of a Lotus Notes client. NotesDB supports all current versions of Lotus Notes (R5, R6, R7, R8/8.5, 9.0 Social Edition).

Convert the complete Notes database

NotesDB allows you to export to any RDBMS. NotesDB will automatically create the CREATE TABLE-scripts as well as the INSERT statements to populate the database. Of course NotesDB comes Unicode-ready and will export with the character set of your choice.

NotesDB extracts the following data out of your Notes database:
  • Notes fields (items)
  • Attachments (file or BLOB)
  • Document Properties
  • Richtext items in HTML-format (file or CLOB)
  • Anchor-Links, Doclinks  
  • Embedded OLE Objects  
  • Folder References
  • Views & Folders  
  • Mail database conversion  
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Enjoy unlimited conversions

NotesDB has no limitations. It converts thousands of documents easily and has already exported Gigabytes of Notes databases.

  • You can convert as many databases as you like.
  • The databases can be of any size.
  • The databases can contain as many documents as you like


NotesDB allows you to integrate with Java using a Java-API.

Benefit from our experience...

NotesDB has converted hundreds of databases of different sizes and allows for robust conversion including the automated recovery of Notes crashes. Make your migration project a success using NotesDB.

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