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Available editions of NotesDB

NotesDB comes in two editions (all prices excl. VAT):
Standard Edition190 EUR
Enterprise Edition750 EUR

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition allows you to export your complete Notes database into relational format.

The Standard Edition includes:

  • Complete Notes database export to any RDBMS
  • Export of attachments
  • Richtext items are exported as plain text (see Enterprise Edition for HTML-format)
  • Document properties for each document

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition gives you everything you might want from a Notes database. You can export the Richtext items, complete documents and render them into HTML or MS Word Richtext automatically. All elements in the document will be rendered correctly into html (including embedded images, links etc.).

The Enterprise Edition includes additionally:

  • Richtext items are exported in HTML-format (also as CLOB directly in the database)
  • Anchor Links and Document links
  • Export of embedded Objects
  • Export of folder references

How to buy NotesDB

There are two options of buying NotesDB:

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