PHP Encoder - protect your PHP source code

Our PHP Encoder allows you to encrypt function and variable names of your PHP sources using hash algorithms. This makes it really hard to read/understand your sourcecode, but allows you to keep the line numbers and debug the source code, if necessary.

Using PHP protector, your clients don't need to install any modules or loaders. This makes it easy to distribute your applications to your customers.

Core features

  • obfuscates your source code
  • converts function and/or variable names using hashing algorithms
  • modifies the source code to be hardly readable
  • no loss of performance after conversion
  • no installation of modules or loaders required!
  • decryption of function/variable names is really hard (when using a salt for the hashes)!

Additional features

  • encrypt entire directory trees/PHP applications in one step
  • protect only parts of an application (i.e. keep configuration files open)
  • define directories or files to be ignored
  • allows you to use a so-called salt for calculating the hash values
  • use all hashing algorithms supported by the PHP crypt function
  • optionally remove function and inline comments
  • allows unlimited conversions (no time limits)

Online Demo

You can run the PHP protector online for free for single PHP code snippets:

PHP Encoder Online Demo

The full version allows you to encrypt a whole PHP application automatically.

Installation requirements

You need the following software to run the PHP obfuscator:

  • PHP 5 or higher
You don't need any loaders to be installed by your clients.

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