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Java Software-Architecture

We support you with the implmentation of Java-projects with the latest technologies.

Do you think about using technologies like JSF, Maven,....? We'll support you with our experienced programmers.

Supported Applikation Servers:

  • Apache Tomcat
  • Jboss EAP

Java versions:

  • Sun Java JDK

Basic technologies:

  • Hibernate incl. Hibernate Annotations
  • Springframework


  • Jboss Richfaces
  • Apache MyFaces

Development, Testing and Build-Management

  • Eclipse incl. Eclipse-Plugins
  • Maven

Further technologies

  • Webservices with Xfire/Xmlbeans
  • Generating PDF-Files with XSL-FO
  • Decryption of Xml-Dsig with Apache XML-Security

Current Projects:

Project HONO
Customer Hauptverband der öst. Sozialversicherung
Description Honorarordnung neu
Technical Data Java JDK, JSF, Jboss Richfaces
Database: Oracle
Application-Server: Jboss

Project HILL Testsystem
Customer HILL International
Description The system makes allows to conduct personality-tests. With the administration interface it is possible for all partners of HILL to manage the tests of their customers.
Technical Data Java JDK, JSF, Jboss Richfaces
Database: MySQL
Application-Server: Tomcat

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